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The HouseBuyers.scot Story

We were founded in 2019 with the vision of helping distressed home owners.

How it all started

My name is Ab. With my wife Kari, we are the co-founders of HouseBuyers.scot.

In 2018 we took on the most ambitious project of our lives. We wanted to give back and fulfill the need of helping our local community.

200% council tax.

According to BBC Scotland, an estimated 15,000 empty homes were charged double council tax last year in a bid to reduce the number of unoccupied properties in Scotland.

While searching for a place to live and also looking at owning a buy-to-let property, we came to realize how derelict properties are a noble opportunity, as they can be transformed into beautiful homes.

We sympathize with home owners and the testing circumstances that led them to vacating and abandoning their properties.

We believe there are solutions and ways to deal with such situations.

Councils all across Scotland are now enforcing the double council tax charge, allowing them to raise millions in extra revenue. The sheer number of empty houses is staggering. Though very sad, we see large numbers of derelict properties as an incredible opportunity to meet unfulfilled housing needs.

From Problematic to a Lovely Home Filled with Love!

Why You Must Act

Peace of Mind

When we buy your property, we pay you cash and transform it into a lovely home, so you can move forward and sleep better at night.

We can close quickly – often within the next 30-days, so you can get rid of your problem property FAST.

A Fair All Cash Offer

We will give you a cash offer on your house regardless of location, condition, size and/or price.

If you are stressed by your property and need to move on fast, our all cash offer can be the very solution that will give you instant relief.

Why Work with Us

Working with us means no closing cost to you, no estate agent commission fees and we purchase “As-Is”. No need for repairs.

There is no hidden risk or catch. You fill our form. We give you a cash offer. You are free to accept or decline.

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